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The syllabus of the "4 Month Film and Television Acting Course" is based on "The Process" of Vidur. It follows following pattern :
Vidur's Acting Theory - " The Process "

Actor's Orbiter Mission : From PERIGEE  to APOGEE

1st Month : Journey Starts From Perigee

Opening Up Exercises / Concentration / Observation / Imagination / Voice Culture / Voice Modulation / Body Language / Mask Exercises / Children Workshop
Music Class
Short Play
Diction / Elocution / Punctuation / Articulation / Cadence / Intonation / Timbre / Tone
Improvisation : Enunciation of " The Process "

2nd Month : Orbit Raising Manoeuvre -1

Start of Dance / Action Classes
Monologues [ 3 ]
Music Class
Improvisation : Verbalization of " The Process "

3rd Month : Orbit Raising Manoeuvre -2

Dance / Action
Scene Study [ 2 ]
Improvisation : Accentuation of " The Process "
Improvisation : Vocalization of " The Process "

4th Month : Journey Ends At Apogee

Show Reel Shoot of Dance / Action
Dubbing Practical / Audition
Scene Study [ 1 ]
Characterization / Animal Study
Improvisation : Evolution of " The Process "
Improvisation : Culmination of " The Process "
Show Reel
Statutory Warning :
"The Process" and the content and design of the syllabus is protected by copyright. No one is allowed to copy, further reproduce, use or distribute any part of this material to further their business. No part of the content may be reproduced in any form without the written content of Vidur.

Failure to comply with the terms of this warning will expose you to legal action for copyright infringement. For any violation Copycats will be sued in the court of law.

Any unauthorized quote or mention of "The Process" and it's commercial use is strictly prohibited under copyright act.

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